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More than 38 years of combustion, heating technology and experience in the field of engineering with expertise team, providing innovative technologies, solutions and services to promote the use of solid waste and utilization of renewable energy sources of energy in the world. Continuously we create a more efficient way and optimize more energy-saving equipment to provide high-quality and solid waste systems and turnkey projects. We provide customized solutions to meet your specific requirements to ensure the best technical results of each solution:
A. Organic sludge drying, deodorizing, gasification reduction system
B.Thermal desorption soil pollution repair system
C.Sludge separation Pyrolysis hazard-free system
D.Biomass gasification, carbonation equipment
E.Drying and solid-liquid separation equipment [DETAILS]
Organic sludge drying,deodorizing,gasification reduction system

1. Minimum energy consumption
2. The fully automated intelligent control
3. Dust emissions in line with environmental requirements 30mg / m3
4. Odor emissions in line with national environmental requirements
5. Drying sludge by its own heat
6. The maximum sludge reduction
7. The hazard-free processing waste into treasure[DETAILS]

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Gasification Technology

Gasification of biomass and waste into synthesis gas.
The biomass gasifier used in the gasifier, steam, hot water, thermal coal boiler, furnace fuel, the fuel cost savings of 30% -70%, remove dust chimney smoke, but also greatly reduces SO2 generation ... [DETAILS]

Sludge recycling system

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